All engaged couples, who carefully plan their wedding day, try to think of, as much as they can, various original entertainment that would be fun for guests and the newlyweds themselves. This includes stylish topic-based photo shoots, various wedding merchandise, ceremony on the beach etc. However, one of the fastest-growing services in Lithuania today is wedding car rental.

Wedding cars are such cars, which you normally do not drive every day. These vehicles are luxury, comfortable and of splendid appearance paralyzing the sights and evoking indelible impression. The newlyweds usually hire in Lithuania black or white bridal cars. Rental car types range from funny Smart cars to the most luxury Chrysler and Lexus cars. Mostly the newlyweds choose something new and different.

Just imagine your wedding day. It is summer. You’re well dressed and happily get into an extraordinary car. Spellbound people smile, congratulate and wish you all the best. You together with the most beloved person just sit back in a spacious air-conditioned car, listen to your favorite music, view a great panorama through the wide windows of a luxury car, and ride in a fantastic vehicle quietly and without the slightest sound from the engine. You arrive at the church or Wedding Palace, where you meet surprised and widely smiling relatives and beloved friends. Isn’t it what you have always dreamed about?
And it is even more fun to “fly” in such a luxury car to your wedding part together with your best friends.

Wedding car rental is worth a try. When will you have more fun, if not on the wedding day?